Jason Alexander – Get Ready for Some Poker “Feats of Strength”

Jason Alexander is best known for his starring role on Seinfeld, where he played a neurotic, self-obsessed, stingy, dishonest, insecure, immoral, obsessive, pessimistic, insincere … well, you get the general idea.

Jason’s characterization of George Costanza has resulted one of the most memorable TV characters in recent memory. Along with Kramer and Seinfeld himself, Jason’s character was one of the most outstanding things about this brilliant show. Jason’s performance on the show earned him a string of Emmys, Golden Globes, and Screen Actors Guild Awards, most of which were for “Best Supporting Male Actor in a Comedy Series”.

Some of Jason’s most memorable moments on Seinfeld include the episode where he participated in the “Feats of Strength” for his personal family holiday, “Festivus”. Another notable episode was “The Invitations”, in which the true depth of George’s stinginess is brought to light; after deciding to get the cheapest possible wedding invitations, his fiancé dies as a result of licking the toxic glue off the ultra-cheap invitation envelopes.

While Jason Alexander is best known for his character on Seinfeld, you might not realize is that he is also an accomplished voice, cinema, and musical theatre actor. Jason got his start on Broadway, starring in multiple Stephen Sondheim productions. For his Broadway performances, Jason received the 1989 Tony Award for “Best Actor in a Musical”.

As a result of his talent, Jason is highly in demand – he has appeared in a string of movies and TV shows. His movie credits include Pretty Woman, Coneheads, and Shallow Hal, while his television credits include popular shows such as Friends, Malcom in the Middle, and Star Trek: Voyager.

Recently, Jason has been working on his poker skills; he’s appeared several times on the Celebrity Poker Showdown, ultimately winning in the eighth season. Jason’s winnings were donated to the New Orleans United Way Fund. This performance showed that Jason is no slouch when it comes to his poker game – so he should provide some good competition for the other celebrities and poker pros in the Pro-Am Poker Equalizer.

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