Jamie Gold – The Man with the Midas Touch

Jamie Gold, the 2006 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Champion, began his poker odyssey when he was a young boy. He was first taught how to play in early child by his mother, who was a keen poker player. At the same time, he also learned a great deal about card strategy from his grandfather, who was a champion gin rummy player.

However, Jamie didn’t do much with his card-playing skills until much later in life. It all started when he met two-time WSOP Main Event Winner Johnny Chan. Jamie idolized Chan after seeing the poker film Rounders; in fact, he believed that Chan was the best player who ever lived. Whenever possible, Jamie would pick Chan’s brain for whatever poker advice he could get. And, although Jamie didn’t get the chance to talk to Chan very often, Jamie says that merely having the chance to talk with his idol provided a huge inspiration for his poker skills.

It was shortly after this, in 2005, that Jamie began playing poker tournaments regularly. His first major win at the Bicycle Casino earned him a staggering $54,225 – not bad for someone who was just starting out. In the next 12 months, Jamie won prizes in seven more California tournaments. However, this was all small potatoes in comparison to what was in store for Jamie.

Jamie entered the 2006 WSOP Main Event as a complete unknown. However, he would soon make his mark in the event. As early as Day 4, Jamie grabbed a significant chip lead that lasted all the way until the final table. Jamie’s performance, up to and at the final table, was nothing if not memorable.

At the final table, Jamie ended up eliminating seven of his eight opponents – a truly amazing feat. When he eliminated the final opponent, Paul Wasicka, he earned a record $12,000,000 – the highest Main Event prize in history. As a result, his total career tournament earnings are higher than any other poker player in history.

Jamie Gold, the man with the Midas touch, is definitely going to be one to watch during the Pro-Am Poker Equalizer.

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