Huckleberry Seed – Voted “Man Least Likely to Need a Nickname”

Huckleberries are generally edible. They are small and round, and contain 10 large seeds. Huckleberries are a favorite snack of many animals, such as bears.

None of which tells you anything about poker professional Huckleberry Seed.

The only thing that Huckleberry Seed has in common with huckleberry seeds is their relative size – at 6 feet 7 inches, Huckleberry is one of the most impressive presences you’ll ever see walking into a poker room. However, it isn’t just his stature that draws respect; Huckleberry’s list of poker accomplishments is longer than a country mile.

Huckleberry is one of a select group of people who have accomplished the amazing feat of winning the Main Event of World Series of Poker (WSOP). When he won the Main Event in 1996, he earned a $1,000,000 first prize along with his gold championship bracelet. Not bad for a few days work.

This marked the second time Huckleberry had won a WSOP bracelet; he won his first in 1994, in a Pot-Limit Omaha tournament. Showing his talent in many poker variants, Huckleberry went on to win his third and fourth WSOP bracelets playing Razz in 2000 and 2003.

When he’s not tearing up the tournament circuit, Huckleberry keeps his calendar full playing online and at local casinos in Vegas. Huckleberry is known for being very quiet at the tables, since he believes it’s always better to let your game do the talking for you.

While we’re not sure that Huckleberry Seed has much in common with his namesake, we’re sure of one thing – this seasoned pro will be a formidable contender on the Pro Am Poker Equalizer.

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